Kidney Health Assessment Questionnaire for People with Diabetics

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Q1:Who have Diabetes?
Q2:How long has the patient had Diabetes?
Q3:Does the patient have high blood pressure?
Q4:How well are blood sugar and blood pressure managed?
Most times in normal range but sometimes a bit higher The numbers fluctuate but I still can control them The numbers are at most times higher than normal range and I find great difficulty controlling them down
Q5:Has the patient done any kidney disease screening tests, such as urinalysis, microalbuminuria, or kidney function test?
Yes No
Q6:Does the patient have eye disease or have ever done laser treatment?
Yes No
Q7:Choose if the patient has any of the following early signs of kidney disease
Foams in urine
or proteinuria
Swelling in limbs
eyelids or ankles
Rising blood pressure
Increased night urination
Q8:What about the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) now?
Q9:What about the serum creatinine level now?
Q10:Choose if the patient has any of the following symptoms
Anemia Poor appetite Vomiting and nausea Shortness of breath Itchy skin Weakness Headaches
Other symptoms/ complications
Q11:What are your concerned questions?
Healthy living to protect the kidneys Analysis for individualized kidney condition Nursing care plan for diabetic kidney disease Prevention/ nursing for other diabetic complications (limb damage retinopathy heart disease etc)
Summary: Please enter any further details about the disease history, current conditions or your concerns here

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